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AF&PA awarded Georgia-Pacific with two sustainability awards

The awards highlights how the company is increasing manufacturing efficiencies and the recyclability of its products

Georgia-Pacific earned two 2021 AF&PA Sustainability Awards, from American Forest and Paper Association, for how the company is increasing manufacturing efficiencies and the recyclability of its products through innovations across the recycling supply chain.

The first award highlights GP sustainable manufacturing process to make Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® bath tissue. And the second award recognizes innovations to use recycled material in cups and its work to manufacture recyclable mailers for customers in its packaging business.

Driving water stewardship throughout its manufacturing operations within the product lifecycle of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® earned Georgia-Pacific the 2021 AF&PA Leadership in Sustainability Award for Energy Efficiency/Greenhouse Gas Reduction. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® saves 30 percent more water and uses 30 percent less energy by using efficient manufacturing technology to squeeze more water from tissue paper before drying, making it a sustainable product designed with the environment in mind.

Three innovations introduced in 2020 addressing the recyclability of its products earned GP the 2021 AF&PA Innovation in Sustainability Award for Innovations Across the Recycling Supply Chain. With the growth of e-commerce, Georgia-Pacific launched its mailer business during the pandemic to help customers meet the growing consumer interest in recyclable packaging options. The company introduced a paper-padded mailer that is curbside recyclable, making it easier than ever for consumers and a game changer for recyclable mailers. GP also introduced Dixie® ecosmart® cups out of its GP PRO business, a cup made from recycled fiber.

“At Georgia-Pacific, we know that natural resources are entrusted to our care which is why we are proud to make products that customers and consumers need in a responsible way. This positions us to continue delivering solutions that help meet our customers’ needs as well as those of society sustainably” declares the company.

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