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AirMill by Gambini brings us into the age of wet embossing

An updated version of the well-established Gambini’s technology is poised to revolutionize how papermakers think of their process

AirMill represents what Gambini thinks of how a machinery-maker should approach the market: devoted to the final product. That’s what matters the most. In the end, that’s what the final customers care about.

The equipment has been designed as a single unit to be added to existing lines, even manufactured by others, with the goal of improving the quality of the production and optimizing the final output. So, it is possible to develop and introduce into the market unique products, some that were not even conceivable before AirMill.

It’s all about the new wet & hot process, which features three main uses:

  • Increase volume: AirMill can be used to get a larger diameter roll, while using the same amount of paper. More volume, thus more absorbency.
  • Preserve strength: AirMill’s wet & hot process moists and then heats, so paper is less degraded than in a conventional converting line. That means that the end roll can have the same strength, even starting from a less strong base paper. Which lets papermakers use less expensive paper fibers, in order to achieve the same final result on the shelf. Get the exact same product at a lower cost.
  • Get a textured look: The power of wet makes the paper more malleable and allows better work on embossing. That is why AirMill can be used to have a paper comparable to TAD (C-TAD), thus offering the opportunity to cross borders and penetrate new markets.

Three different and combinable uses which let the production evolve, showing new and more cost-effective ways to get results. AirMill was born out of the conviction and certainty of the need for a wet system. Introducing water into conventional systems is a major but necessary challenge: not just heat, only wet can give the paper what it needs to achieve certain specifications. Over the years, Gambini has invested heavily in the improvement of the wet system within its AirMill, believing in the huge potential of the wet embossing technology.

Learn more the AirMill and Gambini at Tissue World, in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 28 to 30 March 2023.

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