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Charmin’s ‘Forever’ toilet paper rolls are gigantic and last a month

Tired of changing toilet paper? Charmin's Forever Roll to the rescue.

Do you already know about the Forever Roll? With a singular purpose of “never running out of toilet paper”, P&G has launched its product, the Forever Roll.

Charmin introduced its Forever Roll to consumers in April 2019. It is, basically, one of those industrial-size rolls you would find at a rest stop, but so very soft.

While it may not really last forever, for a two person household, a single Forever roll – 12 inches in diameter and equivalent to 24 rolls – is expected to remain in the bathroom for up to a month before changing.

It can be freestanding or wall mounted in brushed stainless steel, it is fitting for even the highest end bathrooms. In addition, the holder is included when you buy three Charmin Forever Rolls.

According to USA Today, a representative from Charmin said while the “Forever Rolls” may cost more, they offer convenience with its subscription service. Consumers will not have to change rolls as often or deal with recycling cardboard rolls.

P&G is currently out of stock on Forever Roll bath tissue, but do still have roll holders and wall mounts for sale. You can also register your e-mail on the website to be notified when the products are back in stock.

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