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Daio partners with LiveDo to recycle diapers

Technology will reuse cellulose in new diapers

Daio Paper and LiveDo Corporation are partnering to develop a recycling technology that will repurpose cellulose and other materials to make new diapers. Through a solution developed by Total Care Systems, cellulose, plastics and superabsorbent polymers are separated from used diapers.

Daio has worked with Total Care, a Japanese recycling specialist, since 2005, but previous methods used plastic and SAP waste to make fuel and cellulose for building materials. Now, Daio Paper and LiveDo Corporation are refining the process of reusing diaper-specific materials.

To promote the recycling of used disposable diapers, companies are collaborating with city halls, hospitals and welfare institutions to collect them. In addition, the company is developing a commercialization plan with the aim of building a new recycling processing unit.

Daio Paper plans to produce used fluff pulp for absorbent articles such as disposable diapers at its Mishima plant in Shikoku Chuo City, Japan from July 2023, and will produce recycled pulp from used disposable diapers in-house. By mixing recycled material with fluff pulp, the company will promote horizontal recycling into absorbent products such as disposable diapers rather than raw materials for building materials.

Through this research, Daio and LiveDo plan to recycle 6,000 tonnes of used disposable diapers annually and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,940 tonnes per year.

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