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Ence boosts sustainability with 750,000 MWh of renewable energy by 2023

Biofactories in Navia and Pontevedra set a milestone by meeting the demand of more than 200,000 households

Ence announced that its biofactories in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra will jointly generate close to 750,000 MWh of renewable energy in 2023 from biomass in their turbines. This figure represents the capacity to cover the energy demand of more than 200,000 homes, or half a million people.

In these production centers, wood is used as a raw material, transforming it into biodegradable and recyclable cellulose. The components not used in the production of cellulose, such as bark and lignin, are used as a source of renewable energy. This process not only satisfies the internal needs of the biofactories, but also makes it possible to export electricity to the grid, thus contributing to the decarbonization of the electricity mix.

Both facilities have ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications, in addition to voluntarily adhering to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). They have also obtained the Energy Management System Certification according to ISO 50001, demonstrating Ence’s commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability in all its operations.

The company is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing its commitment to the fight against climate change. The generation of energy through biomass and lignin in its biofactories contributes to the goals of affordable and non-polluting energy, as well as to the promotion of climate action. In addition, it has implemented a novel biomass sustainability certification scheme, SURE System, at all its facilities, thus consolidating its proactive approach to environmental sustainability.

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