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Essity: Breaking Barriers to Well-being

The Swedish multinational works to build a cleaner, greener, healthier and happier future for its consumers and the environment

Essity, the global company that works daily to improve people’s health and hygiene standards, is implementing new actions that significantly impact societies around the world.

“How we choose to act can challenge mindsets, production processes, and outdated solutions. Essity thereby plays a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable and modern future,” the company commented on its website.

Its products and solutions are used by a wide range of consumers, large corporations, and healthcare organizations. Under this scenario, the company hopes to reduce its waste, develop new technologies and stimulate learning.

“46% of consumers consider a product’s environmental impact when purchasing hygiene products,” said the company in a note on LinkedIn.

Being at the forefront of sustainability and digitization is essential for the company and its operations. By creating more from less, Essity can achieve circularity and commit to the vision of improving well-being around the world.

“If we strive towards continuous advancements, we can work with customers, partners, governments, and other organizations to reach a circular and more aware society. We hope that our initiatives will inspire others and set standards for future generations,” they concluded.

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