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Essity continues to invest in sustainable alternative fiber technology

In its biggest circular innovation to date, the company will start producing 35,000 tons of pulp made from wheat straw to be turned into tissue products

In 2019 Essity, a leading global health and hygiene company with a commitment to a circular society, would invest in a sustainable alternative fiber facility at its tissue plant in Mannheim, Germany.

This investment would allow the company to manufacture high quality products from wheat straw fibers, a renewable resource that is an agricultural by-product. The process is a circular innovation that would improve the overall environmental impact of tissue paper products produced at the unit. Production was scheduled to begin in the second half of 2020.

Recently, Essity’s President of Consumer Goods, Volker Zöller, posted on his LinkedIn a note that read:

“Great news from Essity’s plant in Mannheim – our ambitious plan to produce high-quality Consumer Tissue with our brand new wheat straw innovation continues in full speed, despite Covid times! With this new, sustainable technology, Essity is going to change the world of paper production in Europe! Production will start in the summer, as planned. Not only innovation and sustainability, but also safety remains high on our agenda. We care for our employees and continue to ensure strict hygiene standards in line with the Covid-19 regulations. Very proud of our team and looking forward to a more and more sustainable future for Consumer Tissue!”

Essity shared the publication on its official page on LinkedIn and revealed that this summer they will start producing 35,000 tonnes of pulp made from wheat straw to be turned into tissue products. This is Essity’s biggest circular innovation to date.

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