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Essity drives global transformation in women’s health at Davo

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, the company is leading the conversation and forging strategic partnerships to reduce inequities in women's health around the world

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Essity demonstrated its commitment to health by overcoming significant obstacles. Sahil Tesfu, Chief Strategy Officer, along with Anna Brodowsky and Julia Fäldt Wahengo, representatives of the firm, played active roles in crucial conversations with public and private sector leaders from around the world.

In this context, Essity highlighted its priority focus on advocating for the reduction of the gap in women’s health. During these discussions, the company presented its long-term commitments in this area, using the hashtag #CloseTheWomensHealthGap. The Essity team used the occasion to share the company’s broader ambitions and achievements in terms of social and environmental sustainability impact, underlining the company’s commitment to these important issues.

On the other hand, Anna Brodowsky, Vice President of Public Affairs at Essity, objectively analyzed global challenges in a dynamic world marked by growing tensions and rivalries. She emphasized the imperative need for stronger international collaboration than ever before to address evolving global issues.

Essity’s strategic focus was specifically on improving women’s health, addressing key issues such as menstrual health and incontinence. Brodowsky highlighted Essity’s remarkable progress in actively integrating into the World Economic Forum’s Women’s Health platform. She also highlighted new collaborations with key change drivers and partners such as WE, UNICEF, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

These tangible actions demonstrate Essity’s clear commitment to closing the menstrual health gap and making a significant contribution to women’s global well-being.

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