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Essity talks in Essential Talks Podcast about the world’s first paper towel recycling service

The Podcast takes listeners on a journey through Essity's innovation that contributes to the planet's health.

It’s more evident than ever that we are all equally responsible for climate change. Melting glaciers, more droughts and wilder weather have increased this collective awareness. But are we in time to change this big picture?

Fortunately, almost all industries are innovating their process and products to contribute to this extensive mission. One example is Essity which is launching the world’s first paper towel recycling service, Tork PaperCircle® (currently available in select EU countries but new markets opening up). The company is living up to its circularity commitment and continues to break barriers to societal well-being.

In Season 2 of its award-winning podcast series, Essential Talks, Essity explores how an environmental mindset is spreading to every corner of the company. Essity defines a new, more sustainable era for health and hygiene product circularity through their smart and inclusive products, improving manufacturing techniques and adopting alternative fibers.

The podcast’s Season 2 first episode, Circularity: Zero Waste of Time, invites listeners to think deeply about the “after-use” of hygiene and health products thanks to the Tork PaperCircle cycle – from the factory to the restroom, the restroom to the bin and back to the factory again.

Essential Talks is an award-winning podcast series, which attracted more than 10,000 unique listeners in Season 1, which focused on breaking stigmas in different areas related to health and hygiene.

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