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European Tissue Symposium leads sustainable transformation towards a zero-waste future

Discover how waste reduction and eco-friendly practices are defining the future of tissue paper

In a recent publication through an article, the European Tissue Symposium, shared notable developments in the tissue paper industry. The company highlighted how tissue producers are intensifying their efforts to further reduce waste, reduce packaging use and encourage the use of recycled packaging and content.

In this context, the importance of tissue paper as a hygienic and sustainable option is evident in the daily routine of millions of people around the world. From its fundamental role in personal hygiene to its contribution to infection control, this product has proven to be essential, especially in the context of the global pandemic.

Photo: European Tissue Symposium

Science supports the efficacy of tissue paper in reducing the risk of infections, which has led to an increase in its demand. The news on waste reduction and the drive towards more sustainable practices in tissue production reinforces the industry’s commitment, highlighting how sustainability has become core to its approach.

With ten arguments supporting the sustainable solution of tissue paper, from its natural origin to the promotion of environmentally friendly practices. The company stresses the importance of this material in promoting health and wellness. This new industry perspective not only reflects a shift towards sustainability, but also marks a milestone in the evolution of tissue paper in the European Union and beyond.

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