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Even with the latest toilet paper race, companies continue to produce

Resolute Tissue factory in Sanford says it puts out around 850,000 rolls a week.

With the increase in cases of coronavirus, again the toilet paper and cleaning products are disappearing from the shelves. Some large stores are having difficulty keeping items in stock and have started to limit the number of products per purchase.

“I think not since the 70s has there been an incline of any bath tissue shortage,” Visscher said. “That was really short lived, so it’s surprising to all of us,” said Bob Visscher, manager at the Resolute Tissue factory in Sanford.

According to Spectrum News, Visscher said that nothing has changed in his factory. They have been working at full capacity and will continue to do so.

“I believe there’s no shortage in the United States of bath tissue – it’s just I think people are hoarding it,” he said.

Resolute Tissue produces around 850,000 rolls of toilet paper per week and, even with the other tissue factories in the county producing approximately the same amount, the shelves are still empty.

Dr Axel Stock, from the College of Businesses at the University of Central Florida, said buyers are hesitant to take risks and are stocking up just in case. This factor is causing the lack of products in supermarkets.

“They err on the side of caution,” Stock said. “Everything equal, they buy more toilet paper than they need and that would be same with other products.”

He still predicts that this scarcity may not last as long as, unlike in March, retailers now have the opportunity to observe and predict the market. Thus, they may have stocked more toilet paper and the manufacture was also prepared to produce more.

Even in the midst of all the layoffs that have occurred in companies as a result of the pandemic, Resolute Tissue in Sanford is hiring. Also according to Spectrum News, interested parties can stop by the Sanford factory for an application.

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