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Get differentiated tissue paper with WEKO fluid application

With WEKO-SIGMA, it is possible to ennoble the products, achieving greater softness, absorption capacity, sensory effects and aromas

Consumers are increasingly attentive to quality when it comes to hygiene and cleaning products, such as tissues, kitchen towels, toilet paper, napkins or cosmetic tissues. The added value has become a decisive factor when making a purchase, and for that reason, a better skin care, a pleasant aroma and even sustainability issues have become essential, as well as tear resistance and softness.

With the most demanding consumer, opportunities open up to conquer new positions in the market through a differentiated product. With this objective in mind, WEKO seeks to assign individual properties to tissue papers.

It is possible to ennoble the products with the application of fluids, thus achieving greater softness, absorption capacity, sensory effects, and aromas.


To avoid a large loss of ennobling products inserted in the cellulose pulp, with the disposal of process fluids, there is a more sustainable alternative – among other advantages – carrying out the application by the WEKO-SIGMA contactless system, even preventing the fiber undergoes mechanical stress.

The WEKO SIGMA applies the fluid in finer dosage, either on one or both sides, in individual or collective layers, and is always reproducible. In this way, the time for removing excess substances, cleaning the facilities, or for the drying process is reduced, making the process more productive, flexible and saving valuable resources.

The fluid application systems offered by the company for tissue enrichment adapt quickly to different uses and product formats. Aligning space and process, WEKO has the perfect option to adapt to the production line, with a compact and extremely versatile equipment, which can make the difference you are looking for.


  • Precise definition application amount
  • No load on the substrate due to non-contact application
  • High long-term consistency of fluid quantity and distribution
  • Reproducibility of application quantities
  • Application of different substances
  • Rational use of the application substance
  • Reduction of energy costs through short drying times and economical handling of the application substance
  • Easy to use

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