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The company specializes in the development of automated logistic solutions for diversified markets

With over 40 years in the market, Elettric80 specializes in the development of automated logistic solutions for daily consumer goods manufacturing companies in the tissue, beverage and food sectors and other diversified areas.

Its tailor-made solutions allow the management of supply chain activities and guarantee a significant improvement in factory efficiency and in product traceability.

The company’s main systems include palletizing robots, a wide range of laser guided vehicles (LGVs/AGVs), high speed robotic stretch wrappers (SILKWORM), pallet control systems, robotic labellers, layer picking and repacking solutions, automated high-density warehouses (SMART STORE and CRANE STORE) and compact end-of-line solutions (SMART BOX).

The entire logistics flow is centrally managed from an SM.I.LE80 software platform (Smart Integrated Logistics): the conductor that ensures the efficient integration of systems which optimizes all operations from raw material reception to warehousing and shipping.

In addition to its headquarters in Viano, Elettric80 has set up branches in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, the UK, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the USA and Thailand to be closer to our customers. With the same objective, the company also offer 24/7 remote and on-site assistance services to help customers maintain maximum efficiency over time.

Learn more about Elettric80 on its website: www.elettric80.com/en/

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