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HERGEN supplies cylinders to the North American market

The company supplied two more Drum Dryer Drying Cylinders to Idaho Steel



The Brazilian company HERGEN expanded its presence in the North American market with the supply of two more Drum Dryer Drying Cylinders to IDAHO STEEL, an American company that manufactures food processing equipment.

The supply was part of a very successful partnership between the two companies. Drum Dryer cylinders manufactured by HERGEN have been installed in IDAHO STEEL products supplied to the American and European markets, which require very strict Quality and Safety Certifications.

For HERGEN, it was an honor to have its products installed in IDAHO STEEL equipment, internationally recognized for its quality, tradition and cutting-edge technology.




Roll diameter Roller face Work pressure
2.205 mm 5.200 mm 14 bar
2.439 mm 6.400 mm 14 bar



HERGEN is accredited to supply Drying Cylinders and pressure vessels with the main international certifications, such as ASME and PED.

ASME Certification is the accreditation granted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to companies that have adapted to the strict safety and quality standards established by it. The ASME Standard is accepted in 80 countries and mandatory in the USA and Canada.

The PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) is mandatory throughout the European Community. The product that meets these standards receives the CE Marking, indicating that it complies with European Union legislation on requirements such as safety, hygiene and environmental protection. In this way, it is accredited to circulate throughout the European Economic Area.




These certifications guarantee HERGEN customers the security of purchasing products built within the strictest international quality controls, ranging from design, purchase of raw materials, manufacturing processes to the use of modern tools for quality control and certification of welded joints.

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