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How can diaper case packers change the industry?

Edson developed specific solutions to meet the needs of the diaper industry

There are diaper companies that don’t consider an automated case packing machine a necessity. Their manual method of packing “runs pretty smooth,” so why invest in automation? The diaper companies that have the “it’s working OK” philosophy of case packing may not think about how automation can increase efficiency, decrease costs and boost output.

Now let’s take that philosophy when it comes to the performance of diapers. Any parent can tell you that a diaper that works “OK” just isn’t good enough. You want a diaper that does exactly what you want it to. By automating the case packing process for diapers, it meets and exceeds the capabilities of manual packing.

To meet the needs of the diaper industry, Edson developed specific solutions to meet demand for increased output, consistency and efficiency. Edson built different versions of the 3600 Series case packer, including a high-speed model that greatly augments production.

In the early 2000’s, the diaper industry was one of the first industries to push for additional packing productivity. To meet that demand, Edson created a high-speed case packer, the 3600HS, that expanded output by 35%. Edson’s case packers now lead the diaper packing industry by including the most modern technologies to accommodate high packing speeds, efficiency and regularity.

With automation, there is unvarying output. Packing will be the same every time, delivering consistent results to the customer every time. Automation also provides customized output. When demand is higher, Edson’s line of case packers not only increase output, but it also reduces the manager’s day-to-day tasks of coaching workers, giving managers more time to perform other duties.

Another benefit with case packing machines is that there is limited operation needed, freeing up operators to focus on other tasks in the plant. With a case packing machine, it requires minimal maintenance and surveillance to keep it running, unlike manual hand pack lines where more quality checks are needed.

There’s another reason companies in the diaper industry don’t move to automated case packing – they don’t know of any manufacturers that have actually created specialized case packers, let alone have successful history and expertise in the industry.

Each company has different needs, and each line is different – even within the same industry. As a leader in automated case packing, Edson offers custom turnkey solutions to make sure that your packaging line is optimized to improve your processes. These solutions include integrating with existing or new equipment for a seamless transition into automation.

Diaper manufacturers feel much more confident about automating their packing processes when they learn about Edson’s machines and years of experience in their specific industry. They find that it’s extremely important to deal with a case packing company that consistently delivers accurate and efficient machines, who also stands behind them and provides expertise. Because of this, Edson’s loyalty and earned collaboration solidifies their relationships with diaper companies.

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