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How can water change tissue converting?

The three main uses of Gambini’s AirMill wet embosser result in three different innovative products

During the last edition of MIAC, Gambini was proud to show three innovative products made with its wet embosser AirMill.

Thanks to its revolutionary wet & hot system, AirMill is able to bring three advantages to tissue converting. The innovative system consists of nozzles that moisten with water the paper, which then comes into contact with hot rolls. A process that can increase volume, preserve strength, or give paper a textured look.

The three products the company showed at MIAC and at its TissueHub were born from the implementation of these three advantages. AirMill can work as a product booster that improves, enhances, and upgrades a standard roll, by boosting specific characteristics, gaining in the optimization of several crucial aspects. Given a reference roll, Gambini developed these three products and highlighted their outstanding features.


The strength preservation feature has resulted in an AirMill-boosted toilet roll with the same diameter, firmness and paper length of the reference roll, but made with less fiber.

The reference consists of 2 plies of 22 gsm each, while the boosted one is made of 2 plies of 15,6 gsm each. This means that almost 30% less fibers have been used to make the product, letting costs being reduced on the paper mill side.


For the volume increase feature, the new product is a different boosted version of the same toilet paper reference roll, one with the same strength, firmness and paper length, but with a larger diameter. The reference roll has a diameter of 110 mm, while the boosted one’s is 120 mm (+9%).

Also, this boosted product has been made by using less fibers, so saving on raw material (-30%) and energy consumption.


The third way of using an AirMill can help customers create a textured look and hand-feel that gives life to a product in some aspects comparable to TAD. What the company calls C-TAD (ComparableTAD).

At MIAC Gambini has shown a kitchen towel roll, made with traditional LCT tissue paper, which – after being treated with the company’s wet embosser AirMill – has achieved an appearance resembling that of a TAD roll, also retaining more strength than its reference.

Gambini is glad to invite to its TissueHub any company who wants to do its own tests on a full-width pilot line equipped with the innovative wet embosser AirMill. Furthermore, the three AirMill products shown at MIAC are available to be shipped by writing an email to Nicola Romagnani ( You can download here the complete data sheet of these three rolls.

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