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Image Projection: empowering companies and creating a safer workplace

“We control manufacturing, so we can customize solutions” – Mark and Mac, owners of Image Projection

Founded over 20 years ago, Image Projection is a specialized company in the graphic light projectors industry that provides to factories, warehouses, and even to the material handling equipment industry to project safety signage. In the latest Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui talked to Mark and Mac, owners of Image Projection and they discussed the ins and outs of the company.

“Workplace related injuries in 2019 mounted to like 170 billion dollars worth of damage which is a huge number and, for example, 20% of forklift related injuries involve pedestrians,” says Mark. “We are trying to empower companies, prevent accidents, enhance motivation and generally create a safer workplace.”

The company provides valuable technology for the industry as a whole. During the interview, Mark and Mac also gave an interesting and entertaining demonstration of some of their products.

“I can tell you from experience, projections get a lot of attention, people point out to each other because it’s just something so bright and crisp. When people see it, it is like ‘WOW’, but once it is in motion, it gets even more attention,” explains Mark.

“The traditional problems in the material handling industry are that either painting, decals, or striping comes off easily. So, we see environments where on loading docks companies need to replace the striping on a daily basis. Other environments might have to be replaced on a weekly, monthly or whatever basis.” Mac pointed. “Our argument is: the total cost of ownership of projector solution, in most cases, is lower than the conventional safety signage, if you consider labor, cost of material, downtime and then also always the opportunity or an accident happening while circumstances are being applied.”

The projectors weigh a couple pounds, according to them, and are quite easy to install. Image Projection offers many standards signs, but it can also be customized according to the client’s needs. It is interchangeable trough laser-etched high-resolution glass discs that the company guarantee for five years.

“They will not bend, or melt, or fade. The great advantage is that once you have a projector and you do have to change the image or the location, all it takes is the exchange of one of the disks and the projector will project a different image,” illustrates Mark.

Image Projection products can be used to project safety signs, crosswalks, companies’ logos, QR codes (which are scannable) and much more. It is also helpful for places where snow covers the lanes and safety signs, the laser light is bright enough to demarcate spaces and helps people to locate themselves.

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