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INCAPE develops 100% sustainable corestock

The product was used in the first paper tubes produced with a sustainable lifecycle in Brazil.

INCAPE constantly invests in technology for industries related to converting, and has strict quality control, meeting the most diverse characteristics and requirements demanded by the international market. With a wide range of products, Incape is focused on providing technological solutions for the tissue market, which reflect in performance gains at the end of the converting process.

In addition, the company is fully committed to on time delivery and to direct cost savings for the end user. These results are derived from an investment policy set by the company that qualifies its professionals in all areas and from investments in technology that bring advancements in performance that directly affects the final product cost.

With these unique characteristics, the company was selected by Copapa to participate in the Carinho Eco Green project, the first tissue roll with a  sustainable life cycle in Brazil.

INCAPE developed 100% sustainable corestock for the toilet paper tube, which has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification and is now available for the North American market.

“The corestock developed with Copapa was a two-year project, in which we did thorough research on what was really necessary to get to 100% sustainability. We are extremely proud to participate in this initiative and we can only thank Copapa for believing in our work”, said Thiago Karam, director of INCAPE.

Currently, the company works with selected raw materials, 100% recycled. In addition to having technological updates for its products and its production processes, INCAPE’s main characteristics are low abrasiveness, low impurity index, high mechanical resistance and ease of absorption, thus providing high performance and high index availability to converters.

INCAPE today has special projects such as colored materials. Its solutions were of fundamental importance in the development of the product, which is sustainable in all stages of the life cycle.

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