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INCAPE is specialized in the production of colored corestock

Company offers solution that is a trend in the world market

After colored toilet paper became fashionable in different parts of the world, the new world trend is that of colored tubes for the toilet paper roll or kitchen towel.

The tissue market has increasingly emphasized quality and technology, so that producers constantly seek differentiation in the market, in order to attract the attention of the end user.

INCAPE is specialized in the production of corestock and colored corestock in order to generate more benefits to the products offered to its customers.

The Brazilian company operates internationally, having gained credibility and recognition in the specialty paper market. It has achieved important market share in the sector, has established partnerships with the largest tissue paper manufacturers in Latin America, and is now expanding its business to the North American market.

INCAPE constantly invests in technology and sustainability, improving its plant and training its professionals so that their production has the highest performance rates. All of this without leaving aside the environmental commitment and social responsibility.

With excellent raw material and highly qualified professionals, INCAPE is one of the pioneers in the production of color corestock for the tissue industry in Brazil. INCAPE Colored corestock is a new option for extending marketing campaigns in tissue companies, leaving the packaging and starting to accompany the rolls of toilet paper and kitchen towel.

The trend is ideal for the most daring customers and connected to the major global trends in the industry. In an increasingly competitive market, this is a way to stand out and differentiate a product often considered “standard” by consumers. However, be careful: to guarantee the quality of the tubes, it is essential to choose a company with expertise in the process.

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