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INCAPE stands out in the production of core stock solutions for the tissue market

The company is also the only core stock manufacturer in Latin America that directs its production to the tissue market

INCAPE is a Brazilian company specialized in the supply of core stock for the tissue market, with the main difference being its exclusive dedication to this segment. The company works with a focus on its client’s results and works constantly improving its products and processes.

Portal Tissue Online interviewed William Souza, INCAPE’s industrial manager who presented the company’s vision of the market and its uniqueness in the market, in addition to talking about the project it is developing in partnership with HERGEN. Check out:

Portal Tissue Online: INCAPE is a company specialized in the supply of core stock for tissue paper, what is the great advantage for the market of having a specialized company?

William Souza: In our segment, players generally direct their role to the paper market as a whole, so they split their production into the most diverse segments, such as the production of packaging, heavy products, light products, angles and others. Some even reuse the product itself, which is used to produce tubes for the tissue industry.

In this way, any decision making about process changes, or even investment decisions, is based on these restrictions, on serving the market as a whole, and the possibilities when making an investment decision end up decreasing, they are not focused on the characteristics necessary for the production of tubes for the tissue industry.

INCAPE decided to direct its efforts, specializing in the production of core stock for the tissue industry. This means that our daily challenge is that of evolving our products, improving our processes and looking for new technologies that can improve the quality of our product, always aiming at better productivity results for tissue conversions.

Portal Tissue Online: And for the customer, what are the advantages of having a partner like INCAPE, a company specialized in the supply of core stock?

William Souza: A great advantage that we offer is the possibility to personalize our products, bringing an appropriate solution to the reality of each of our customers.

The customer informs us of his difficulty or need in the process and we deliver an appropriate product for better use and better productivity results in the conversion lines.

We always work with the purpose of delivering high levels of efficiency and cost reduction to conversions, aligning to each particularity of each process.

INCAPE has directed its efforts to serve the Tissue market with perfection. Our company understands all the characteristics of the process, as a whole, and brings solutions that guarantee the best performance for the lines.

Currently, in the market, we deal with old and new machines, each of which has its particularity, and the product is produced according to each characteristic and need of each process.

Portal Tissue Online: What makes INCAPE the leading supplier of core stock in Latin America? What is your advantage?

William Souza: INCAPE is the only core stock manufacturer in Latin America that directs its production to the tissue market, but the main highlight for our company is delivery reliability.

Even with the whole scenario faced in 2020, with the pandemic and the extremely high demand for orders, we serve all our customers within the pre-established deadlines, always seeking the best results and the stability of processes for our customer.

Our technical service is also a great differential, in addition to the constant search for understanding the main critical points within the converter unit, which brings us the challenge of continuing to constantly improve the quality of our products.

Portal Tissue Online: We recently announced about the investment and partnership that INCAPE is making with HERGEN. Can you tell us a little about the gains that INCAPE will have with this new project?

William Souza: INCAPE is proud to take this important step and make this investment. The demand of the tissue market and the constant need for the evolution of the quality of our products were determining factors that made us continue with this project.

It consists of replacing the entire drying section of the paper machine, we will insert 1.828mm dryers in the machine. All the drying elements of the machine will also be replaced, and this will consequently increase our drying capacity and production capacity.

Machine stability will also increase, the humidity profile will be improved, there will be productivity gains with the reduction of specific steam consumption, and, in addition, operational safety will increase significantly.

This project has been in development for a few months and our goal is to start in early 2022.

INCAPE reinforces its commitment to monitor the evolution of processes. In this month of January 2021, we have already implemented new projects that were already being carried out throughout 2019 and 2020, and soon we will have news to announce to the market.

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