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INCAPE will start 2022 with the execution of its biggest project

Despite the challenges faced by the paper industry, the company put into practice its strategic plan and invested in the Drying Project

Increasingly consolidated as a specialist in the production of core stock, INCAPE sees 2021 as a successful year.

Increasingly consolidated as a specialist in the production of core stock, INCAPE sees 2021 as a successful year.

Despite the challenges faced by the paper industry, with the scarcity of inputs and the high cost of raw materials, the company stood out and raised the production and quality index of its products. This fact can be attested by the machine availability record reached by INCAPE this year, which generated an average index of 98.76% in its availability in the month.

In addition to technologies and industrial development, the company continues to invest heavily in human capital, as it believes that, with an engaged team, organization and a harmonious environment, it is possible to build a better society. Proof of this is the achievement of the GPTW (Great Place To Work) seal, which demonstrates its commitment to innovation and employee appreciation.

Already a benchmark in Brazil, the company has been exploring the international market more and more – a reflection of this was its participation in Latampaper 2021, which was the meeting point between technology suppliers and the producers of paper, cardboard and tissue in Latin America.

Even with all the challenges that this year presented, INCAPE planned strategically and invested in the biggest project ever carried out in its history: the Drying Project.

“The objective is to increase the current useful width of the paper machine, initially increasing productivity by 15%, reducing operating costs, increasing and stable machine availability, boosting product quality and ensuring greater safety and health for employees”, explains William Christian de Souza, Industrial Manager at INCAPE.

“The installation of new technologies for more assertive production monitoring and management in the production process will guarantee a set of new opportunities for advances in the manufacturing process”, he adds.

The project, which will start in January, will be executed in a short period and will have a team of highly qualified professionals, in addition to partnerships with large companies, which will provide the necessary technologies to provide significant and innovative advances in production.

According to INCAPE, all this investment in engineering aims to offer the tissue market an industry even more specialized in what it proposes, which is to deliver efficiency and cost reduction in conversions.

For these and so many other achievements in 2021, INCAPE thanks the trust of its customers, employees and suppliers, which it hopes to continue counting on in 2022. The company wishes everyone Happy Holidays and hopes that the New Year will be prosperous and full of good wishes opportunities!

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