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Industry 4.0 with OMET

Investment in new technologies, together with new electronics and machine digitalization, have helped OMET offer complete automated solutions to its clients

OMET Smart Plant is the OMET designed system for collecting, analyzing and displaying production data that allows companies to have all the information about the machine’s activity anytime and everywhere. All data is stored continuously in interconnected and secure databases that can be accessed in real time.

The software has a bidirectional function: not only is it able to collect data, but also gives instructions to the machine about the ongoing production.

The real-time visualization of production parameters enables actions on various aspects. For example, evaluating the efficiency of operators working on the machine, which helps identify wear patterns, the use of optional devices, and above all, identifies the causes of problems and downtimes. Each line can also be equipped with energy measuring consumption.

OMET has invested a lot of time and resources in developing a virtual reality support app called the NOVA App (New OMET Virtual Access).

It is managed directly from OMET offices, allowing the OMET technicians to work in the customer’s virtual environment and guide the local staff over the needed operations with the utmost precision for problem solving.

OMET has also invested in the electronic evolution of its machines. For example, TV840 Line, which is already at the top level of the OMET portfolio, now comes in its TRONIC version, which is completely digitalized, equipped with servo motors on each axis, and can be remotely controlled by operators or tele-service.

The operator panel becomes the control point from which, through the independent servo drives, all machine adjustments are performed in a simple and automatic way involving huge time and waste savings, plus ensuring a better register precision.

“When we offer solutions to our clients, we make sure that they are future proof.” – said Francesco Ponziani – VP of OMET Americas. “We aim to help our clients build better businesses and not only sell them a converting line”.

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