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Georgia-Pacific helps create new products and services by nurturing hygiene and technology startups in Wisconsin

A new program called 1915 Studios will collaborate with growing startups in hygiene, IoT (Internet of Things) and also sensing technologies, to operate within the company’s Consumer Products R&D center in Neenah, Wisconsin.

GP believes that technology can improve hygiene, comfort, and maintenance efficiency, such as: fighting bad odors.  That’s where these entrepreneurs who are experts in this segment come in through 1915 Studios.

The program is co-founded by genera8tor, which is a national accelerator organization and operates more than 20 similar programs in the United States. Free of charge, the 12-week program will assist startups in developing their prototype and building their products. The goal is to gain customer interest in their product or idea and establish metrics that will make them competitive for accelerator or full-time seed investments.

With Georgia-Pacific’s support of Atlanta’s Engage Ventures, it is a strategic program funded through public and private resources that invests capital and expertise to help break through corporate barriers and operate at full speed.

Through Atlanta’s Engage Ventures, Georgia-Pacific partners and leaders share their knowledge and experience on how to access customers and new markets.

The “Koch Labs” concept, developed by Koch Industries, make their diverse operations available to other Koch companies and outside entrepreneurs for the co-development, testing, commercialization and scaling of new ideas. Mutual benefits are created for the entrepreneurs, often leading to preferred and lasting partnerships between customers and suppliers with new ideas and products for the world.

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