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Irving’s pulp and paper mills receive new tax assessments

The New Brunswick-based company is facing higher tax assessments and questions the new figures

The 2021 property tax assessments for JD Irving’s pulp and paper mills have arrived and the company is questioning the new figures.

“Those assessments have risen from $ 96-million to $ 110-million in total, roughly a 15% increase over what we had seen previously,” says Mary Keith, vice president of communications at JD Irving, in an interview with CTV News Atlantic.

Such assessments include Irving Pulp & Paper (Saint John), Irving Paper (Saint John), Irving Tissue (Saint John) and Lake Utopia Paper (near St. George).

In a notice published by the company on its website, they say “Paper use in particular is declining as a result of increased digital technology; this is reflected in the number of mills that have idled or closed across North America. Since 2013 demand for our paper products across North America has decreased by 50% and a significant number of mills have been closed. ”

In the article published by CTV News Atlantic, according to Service New Brunswick, a total re-inspection was made for fiscal year 2021.

Property valuation services noted that there have been significant improvements in some of the plants, and the economic factors for certain products have changed since 2013.

JD Irving says he will be reviewing the reviews he received for this site.

Property owners have 30 days from the date of submission to appeal their assessments.

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