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J.D. Irving, Limited celebrates receiving the Industry Champion Award

The company is awarded for creating a workplace learning culture and providing support its journeypersons through effective mentor training

J.D. Irving, Limited is celebrating receiving the Industry Champion Award, from the New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program, for creating a workplace learning culture and providing support its journeypersons through effective mentor training.

“JDI takes great pride in the learning culture that our sites have created for skilled tradespeople”, said the company.

“I always wanted the opportunity to do hard work, I wanted to be tired at the end of the day. And now I work hard but I’m more excited to come back each day than anything else,” said Brenda Bosse, a Millwright Apprentice at the St. Leonard Sawmill, and a member of the 2021 StepW grad class.

Brenda is one of nearly 1000 skilled tradespeople in its sawmill division. StepW gave her the opportunity to find work close to home, so she could see her family whenever she wanted.

“Industry is constantly adapting and overcoming new challenges using cutting edge technologies, and technical trades are a driving force at the forefront of this ever-changing work environment”, said Dave Thompson, a NBCC graduate in Electrical and Instrumentation, who works with the Pulp and Paper Division at Lake Utopia Paper – just down the road from his home town of St. Stephen

The Pulp and Paper Division is proud to have the skill of 342 skilled trades people, with over 4,000 combined years of experience.

Marissa Morehouse is a Heavy Equipment Mechanic Apprentice, and a 2021 graduate of the New Boots program. “I always wanted to take a trade, but I wasn’t sure which one. I found StepW, which allowed me to try multiple trades, I immediately loved the mechanics class so I stuck with it. It’s been an awesome experience and I’d recommend it to any women interested in the trades”.

She’s currently working in the maintenance shop at Gulf Operators on large pieces of equipment such as excavators and dump trucks. Marissa is one of the 75 tradespeople currently working at Gulf, and one of over 280 currently working within the Construction and Equipment Division.

“Listen to the people more experienced than you, they can teach you so much. Always take advice and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty”, advises Josh Doiron, a Trailer and Reefer Mechanic with Midland Transport. Originally from Bass River, N.B, and a graduate of NBCC, Miramichi Campus.

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