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J.D. Irving to sponsor 5 seats for New Boots – Progressing Women in Trades

The company will sponsor 5 seats in the project that provides training and career opportunities for women interested in pursuing a career in a skilled trade

New Boots: Progressing Women in the Trades, is launching a provincial recruitment campaign for participants for their Skilled Trades Exploration Program for Women (STEPW) for 2021.

In partnership with the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Branch (AOC) from the provincial department of Post-Secondary Education and Labour (PETL), STEPW provides training and career opportunities for women interested in pursuing a career in a skilled trade. STEPW is a 16 weeks exploration program where women will have the opportunity to explore specific skilled trades (at either an NBCC or CCNB campus) and receive safety and essential skills training. This great opportunity will be available to multiple groups in different locations across New Brunswick.

After successful completion of the program, the women will pursue their apprenticeship journey with a partner employer of STEPW. At this time, we are very excited and proud to have J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) as a confirmed sponsor of 5 women in the upcoming STEPW Program.  The JDI participating companies which include: Custom Fabricators and Machinists (CFM), Gulf Operators, Universal Truck and Trailer (UTT), Sawmill and Woodlands.

Last year, JDI sponsored the first class of 9 women who completed their exploration program and were then welcomed with jobs at the company.

“New Boots is a wonderful partner with a proven program.  We are pleased to support the class of 2021,” explained Linda Speedy, Vice President of Human Resources for J.D. Irving, Limited.  “As a company we are committed to growing diversity in our workplace.  Advancing opportunities for women in non-traditional roles like skilled trades is a priority and we know firsthand the passion and dedication each of the graduates brings to the job and their workplace team.”

Currently JDI employs 69 skilled tradeswomen in its operations and is committed to growing that number. Over the next three years, JDI forecasts hiring a total of 330 skilled trades in New Brunswick.

Those interested in joining the 2021 class can contact the company before November 30 th at info@mapsws.ca or call (506)658-8282 for more information

J.D. Irving, Limited
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