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Kimberly Clark partners with We Make Change to positively impact society

Kimberly-Clark employees use their skills to support businesses that help end poverty

Kimberly-Clark is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygiene products. Its more than 43,000 employees are positively changing the world, giving generously back to the communities where it operates.

To fulfill the purpose of providing better care for a better world and raising a billion lives by 2030, the company partnered with We Make Change to organize a “Day of Change”. This partnership gives Kimberly-Clark employees the opportunity to use their skills to make a positive impact and change society.

Thanks to this initiative, 20 employees from around the world volunteered their experience to support four social enterprises that help end poverty. In the case of Kimberly-Clark employees, they were assigned a social enterprise based on their interests and the skills that social enterprises demanded as necessary. During this session, which lasted five hours, these employees worked to support the social enterprises with what they needed: marketing strategies, financial planning, and business strategy.

The social enterprises that they supported were:

  • era92 Creative: Helps disadvantaged youth in Africa develop skills in art, design and technology and turn these skills into sustainable work.
  • MKCurvy: Seeks to infuse colorful fabrics typically worn in Africa into mainstream fashion with all of its clothing pieces produced in Africa within a woman-driven supply chain.
  • S4S Technologies: Trains landless women farmers to become micro-entrepreneurs by equipping them with the right combination of technology, finance, and market; and also provide solar dryers to farmers to process vegetables and buy back processed produce from them.
  • The Bra Recyclers: Reduces the number of usable textiles going into our landfills while providing substantial benefit to women and girls escaping domestic violence and human trafficking.

At the end of the session, both parties presented their joint work, including the steps they should follow beyond the “Day of Change” in order to increase the impact of social enterprises.

“This Change Day was an amazing opportunity to network with sharp minds and kind hearts to develop solid bones for our supply chain and marketing strategies. The simple, insightful questions asked of our team went such a long way towards building a more effective and sustainable company poised for growth and massive social impact,” said Nwamaka Agbakoba, founder of MKCurvy.

Pete Dulcamara, Kimberly-Clark’s chief scientist and technical vice president and co-sponsor of the event, said, “Change Day provided a unique opportunity for our employees to gain consumer insights that we might not get any other way. It also allowed our employees to use their skills and experience to positively impact a social enterprise, and employees left the day inspired by the purpose, passion, and persistence of the social entrepreneurs they met that day – I know I did.”

Kimberly-Clark hopes to achieve the 2030 goal of promoting the well-being of one billion people, and its employees play an integral leading role in helping to meet this goal. To learn more about Kimberly-Clark’s 2030 ambitions, visit

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