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Knix revolutionizes Perimenopause with its campaign “The Invisible Period”

Joanna Griffiths spearheads an initiative to uncover the 34 symptoms, breaking the global silence and offering support from first period to last

Under the leadership of Joanna Griffiths, founder and president, knix presents “The Invisible Period,” a groundbreaking campaign that shines a light on perimenopause, a silenced period that affects more than half of the global population. This artistic initiative seeks to highlight an often overlooked life stage, leading a shift in the conversation about women’s wellness worldwide.

Perimenopause, still considered a taboo subject, begins around the age of 30 and can extend up to a decade, with 34 identified symptoms. This specific campaign aims to raise awareness and educate, offering support from the first period to the last, to overcome the taboo surrounding this crucial phase of women’s lives.

Joanna Griffiths says: “Since starting Knix in 2013, we have been leading the charge to bring conversations around menstruation and women’s health to the forefront. Today I’m proud to say as a society we talk a lot more about periods; but we still don’t talk about this period – perimenopause.  It can start as early as your 30s, last for as long as a decade, and has 34 recognized symptoms and counting” says Joanna Griffiths, Founder and President of Knix. “This campaign brings much needed awareness to perimenopause and was created to help those experiencing it to feel seen and educate those who will experience it on what to expect.”.

Endorsed by experts such as The Latina Doc and Dr. Judith Joseph, this campaign aims to educate about the 34 symptoms, physical and emotional, breaking the taboo through education and openness in conversation. “The Invisible Period” is presented as a visual manifesto, capturing the biological clock of people at various stages of life, using abstract images that highlight the symptoms of menopause.

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