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Kruger celebrates 10 years of its Wind Farm at Chatham Wind Farm

The company proudly celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Wind Farm which was commissioned at Chatham Wind Farm, Canada.

Kruger Energy, a company that specializes in the development and management of renewable energy plants since 2004, celebrated the operation of its Wind Farm at the Chatham Wind Farm located in Canada.

This company operates 42 production sites, ranging from wind, electric, energy storage and solar power facilities to biomass cogeneration plants.

In just a few years, Kruger Energy has built an extensive portfolio of power plants, in addition to forming a team of professionals who are determined to make their organization a model for the renewable energy sector.

“We are proud this year to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the commissioning of our Chatham Wind Farm, which is located in the same area as our first wind farm built on the north shore of Lake Erie, in Ontario. Our two Chatham-Kent wind farms have a combined installed capacity of approximately 200 MW,” the company published in a note on Linkedin.

As the company continues to expand to other territories in North America, its efforts focus more on sustainable development, resource protection, and social acceptability.


Kruger Energy is committed to developing clean energy sources that benefit communities while having the least impact on the environment.

Wind ticks all the right boxes as a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

As one of the cleanest energy sources available in North America, wind power offers a wide variety of benefits:

  • Fully renewable
  • Does not pollute the air
  • Mitigate global climate change
  • Good for the economy
  • Safe, reliable, and efficient
  • Economically, environmentally, and socially viable

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