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Maxima integrates new printer to a WEPA converting line

The printer model PRINTECH has been successfully integrated to a converting line at the WEPA plant in Giershagen, Germany

Installing a new unit into an existing converting line requires attention to details. From making sure to have the right exchange of information and speed reference with the existing line, to the very tight schedule in order not to disturb the production and to comply with safety norms.

All this was done very successfully at the WEPA plant in Giershagen (Germany), by the Maxima team in co-operation with the WEPA team on site.

The unit installed has immediately performed to satisfaction and can produce printed products at a stable working speed in the range of 550/600 m/mt.

The main aspects of Maxima’s PRINTECH printer that distinguishes it include:

Change of sleeves

  • It takes place completely automatic (the only manual operation requested is the extraction/insertion of the sleeve). No other operator intervention, therefore, the time is reduced to 2 minutes for each sleeve
  • The operation is very safe as there is no air pressure inside the clichè during the change
  • Sleeves are made of carbon fiber, offering reduced weight (and high speed without vibrations)

Doctor blade system

  • We apply constant pressure of the blades in contact with anilox roll
  • The automatic adjustment of blades distance during operation provides a longer life of blades (up to 4 to 5 times more than standard systems)

Ink supply

  • Maxima ink input is automatic by means of dedicated pumps
  • Ink discharge is automatic with doctor blade washing, anilox cleaning and piping emptying completely automatic and adjustable from HMI

Timing of clichè rolls

  • High range as both rolls move axially and radially
  • The timing for two colors can be memorized (for two matching sleeves) in the HMI thanks to motors that are equipped with absolute encoders.


Servipap serves the tissue converting industry with a wide variety of tissue converting machines and services. Maxima Tissue Solutions is an Italian company specializing in research and development, manufacturing, and customer service of equipment for the tissue industry.

Together, they serve the tissue industry with modern and flexible tissue converting equipment.

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