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Maxima presents MultiFunctional Embosser for quick change of embossing rolls

With the multifunction embosser, the operator can select any embossing roll change-over from outside the guarding of the line, in complete safety.

In today’s market many companies are adapting their production to the changing needs of their customers. Production lines which in the past were dedicated to one or two products, now must be more flexible and very often the outlook appearance of the products and the change from toilet paper to kitchen towel (or simply different pattern of the steel rolls) is given by replacing the steel engraved rolls.

Maxima Tissue Solutions, an Italian company specializing in equipment for the tissue industry, have introduced to the market their MultiFunction Embosser, an easy-to-handle embosser that facilitates the change of the rolls and make it automatic without manual intervention. With this machine, any operator can intuitively make the change from outside the guarding of the line, in complete safety.

Its use is quite easy; by simply making your selection on the HMI, a dedicated crane can pick up the roll from the embosser and replace it with another one positioned on the roll’s storage frame. The crane follows a robotic logic that has been developed by the Maxima team, keeping in mind space and flexibility (up to 6 rolls in the storage frame can be changed with such system without any mechanical parts to be replace or tools to be used thanks to the innovative design of flanges release).

An important aspect of this machine is the automatic synchronization of the steel rolls for NESTED mode: once the rolls are changed a dedicated variator finds the timing between the steel rolls, so that the time to restart the line is reduced to a minimum.

The glue unit is made by doctor blade carbon fiber, with quick blade release and automatic wash up system. The anilox and cliché rolls are equipped with servomotors for accurate control of the quantity of glue applied to paper. Maxima glue unit can be utilized also without glue, just using water, for toilet paper of 2, 3 and 4 plies, and it can be retrofitted in any existing embosser to improved glue control or to switch to water bonding.

Maxima has already changed lamination units into existing embossers for North American customers that have appreciated the accurate control of glue, the lifetime of the blade, as well as to how operators have improved the efficiency of the lines. The next step is to pass to water bonding for all toilet paper as it provides saving on actual glue consumption and even more important, it increases efficiency due to less time lost for cleaning the unit.

Another important element that makes the embosser so flexible is to equip it with no deflection rubber rolls: the crown is fixed and for differences in pressure, the rubber roll compensates it internally without any need of rubber roll changes.

Maxima’s Multifunction Embosser can be installed in any converting line, and in many cases, the existing steel rolls can be re-utilized with some minor modifications. With working speeds from 500 m/mt (1.640 ft/min) up to 700 m/mt (2300 ft/min) and widths from 2.800 mm (110 “) to 3.600 mm (141”), the unit can be available for any converting line both for consumer and for AFH market. The electronic control of embossing pressure facilitates the setting conditions for any product and the flexibility in changing steel roll makes it adequate for any type of production lot.

It is time to change to MAXIMA’s Multifunctional embosser.



Servipap serves the tissue converting industry with a wide variety of tissue converting machines and services. Maxima Tissue Solutions is an Italian company specializing in research and development, manufacturing, and customer service of equipment for the tissue industry.

Together, they serve the tissue industry with modern and flexible tissue converting equipment.

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