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Meet the winners of the Tissue Online Award

The result was announced today, during the Tissue Summit Brazil

This year, the first edition of the Tissue Online Award took place, an award that aims to recognize outstanding personalities, companies and products in the tissue paper and personal care markets. The finalists were chosen by the public, as well as the winners, in a fierce competition.

The idea for the award came from the observation of the current context of the tissue paper market, which has been facing several challenges in recent years. In view of this, Tissue Online, as the main tissue community in the Americas, took the initiative to recognize people and products that made a difference in the market, even in the face of an adverse scenario.

“We are going through one of the most difficult phases of the tissue and personal care market in recent years, so the award is a form of recognition and gratitude for all the work that the industry has done to get through this troubled moment”, says Felipe Quintino, founder and CEO of Tissue Online. “The idea is to reward the work carried out in challenging times, the CEOs and companies that invested in development, innovation and added value to our market”, he adds.

The result was announced today during the Tissue Summit Brazil. Learn more:



Marcelo De Domenico (Damapel): Marcelo Domenico started his career in 1978, in the family company, passing through different sectors and different functions until reaching the current position of CEO of Damapel.






Carinho Eco Green (Copapa): Carinho Eco Green is the first toilet paper in Brazil that is sustainable at all stages of its life cycle. Developed based on the principles of the circular economy, it has plastic packaging and fully compostable rolls.






Bela Toalha Professional: Bela Toalha started its activities with the aim of presenting new solutions for hygiene and cleaning products for the most diverse segments of the institutional line. The beginning of this story had only one machine for producing paper towels interleaved in the founder’s garage.






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Tissue Summit Brasil 2022 continues tomorrow with a very diverse schedule! Check the full schedule and details on the event website.

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