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Morcon Tissue introduces the innovative Valay kitchen towel roll

A versatile and cost-saving innovation, transform your household chores with its latest addition to the market

Morcon Tissue has introduced its latest addition to the market with the revolutionary Valay® VT8530 Kitchen Roll.

This product has been designed with especially soft and absorbent sheets, making it the perfect ally for various household tasks. Its outstanding versatility allows it to adapt not only to the needs of the kitchen, but also to other areas of the home. In addition, the perforated towels, known for their easy tearing, offer convenience to users when dealing with unexpected spills, cleaning surfaces or simply drying hands.

Beyond ensuring efficiency in daily use, this product provides consumers with the opportunity to optimize their spending, as Morcon Tissue actively promotes the idea of stocking up and saving. This innovation reflects the company’s constant effort to offer practical and efficient solutions for consumers’ daily needs.

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