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Navigator increases tissue paper prices by up to 8%

The readjustment will be valid as of April 1st, 2021 and is due to increases in the prices of raw materials

On Wednesday, 17th, the Portuguese company Navigator said it will increase the prices of its tissue papers (toilet papers, napkins, paper towels and other products) by 6 to 8% in all markets where it operates.

The readjustment will be valid as of April 1st, 2021, and according to the paper company, it occurs due to the “generalized and significant” increase in prices in many of its cost factors.

Among the expenses are raw materials “such as chemicals, energy, packaging materials (plastic and cardboard) and cellulose, the latter being the main cost factor for the tissue production.”

According to the company, the tissue sector recorded increases of 15% to 20% in some of these inputs, “which made it impossible not to reflect, at least partially, this increase in prices to its customers.”


Recent data from the National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estatística – INE) of 2020 placed Navigator in the third place in the list of the largest exporting companies in Portugal and in first position as the company with the greatest contribution to the National Added Value.

The company remains in the ranking of the largest exporters in the country with more than 90% of its products being sold in 130 countries. In addition, it has about 5,600 national suppliers, generating, directly, indirectly and induced, more than 30 thousand jobs in Portugal.

Navigator leads the ranking in the National Added Value due to the incorporation of natural forest resources in its value chain. The company corresponds to approximately 1% of the national GDP, in addition to about 3% of the national exports of goods. Last year, it also received the 2020 Export and Internationalization Award.

With an annual investment of 185 million euros, the company manages more than 108 thousand hectares of forests from north to south of the country, as well as promoting the management and enhancement of rural spaces. In 2020, almost 2 thousand forest owners leased their land to Navigator, which means 45% of the forest assets under their management.

Navigator’s manufacturing units generate about 3 thousand direct jobs, about 9 thousand indirect in the regions where it operates, and more than 30 thousand nationwide.

In October 2019, it became the first Portuguese company – and one of the first worldwide – to make a commitment to anticipate, in 15 years, its carbon neutrality, which will allow it to have, by 2035, all its industrial complexes neutral in carbon emissions.

The Navigator Company is an integrated producer of forest, cellulose and paper, tissue and energy.

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