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Navigator will launch multipurpose paper with Aquactive technology

A revolutionary, disposable, quick-clean solution comes to facilitate hygienic cleaning tasks

A new generation of multi-purpose paper is coming from The Navigator Company. Amoos Aquactive is activated on contact with water, the paper’s technology makes it clean in a single pass.

To activate the soap, you have to squeeze the paper when it comes into contact with water. “The multi-purpose is a much more hygienic solution than conventional kitchen towels. It is disposable, easy to use and does not accumulate germs or bacteria,” informs the manufacturer.

With a lemon scent, it is intended to make cleaning tasks easier without the use of additional products and, in addition, it has three sheets of paper for greater resistance. With FSC certification, which means that the raw materials come from sustainably managed forests, the incorporated soap is also produced from additives of natural origin.

Available in packages with one or two rolls, the product can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and glassware, among other places. There are 250 meters of paper in each roll, while the packages of ordinary paper with two rolls make available 17.5 meters each.

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