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Park Falls Pulp & Paper starts production at paper mill

After year of closure, paper mill in Park Falls reopens with new name and ownership

After being closed for more than a year, the paper mill in Park Falls reopens its doors.

This Wednesday, 16, the city celebrated a new owner of the plant – Park Falls Industrial Management – and the reopening of the plant with a new name – Park Falls Pulp and Paper.

“The paper mill in Park Falls has recently resumed production in producing pulp,” said Michael Bablick, mayor of Park Falls. “Which has brought back roughly 50 employees.”

The mill’s pulp operation is already running. Its three paper machines will restart in the coming weeks.

“The lights are on, paper will be starting to be made. It’s good to smell the sulfur again in the air,”said Mayor Michael Bablick. “People wake up and smell the flowers. Well, our flowers are sulfur. ”

In May last year, Flambeau River Papers filed for Chapter 126 bankruptcy, which is similar to the bankruptcy filing.

Park Falls Development LLC later bought the plant in November 2019. Mayor Bablick said a critical period for the reopening was in May 2020.

“They approached the city with short term financing and I think we did all our due diligence and the city loaned them a million dollars,” said Bablick.

Now they are focusing only on cellulose.

“After the pulp is established and that goes smoothly they hope to open at least one paper machine hopefully this fall, maybe more than that,” said Bablick.

Moreover, fortunately, with all the changes, the paper mill will be able to remain open.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done but I’m confident that the new owners are the right ones to reinvest,” said Bablick.

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