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Plenty launches innovative marriage pledge campaign based on cleanliness

Kitchen towel brand offers a free wedding ceremony to couples who pledge to include cleanliness in their wedding vows, highlighting the importance of mutual care in the relationship

Plenty, Essity’s kitchen towel brand, has launched the “Clean Pledge” campaign, which offers couples the chance to win a free wedding ceremony if they include cleanliness in their wedding vows. Based on research highlighting cleanliness as a gesture of love, the campaign seeks to strengthen relationships through a mutual commitment to cleanliness.

Developed by agency AMV BBDO, the campaign encourages couples to prioritize mutual cleanliness over expensive gifts, supporting the brand’s Love is Messy platform. In addition, a social media campaign has been launched, complemented by a promotional video, while agency Ketchum is supporting the initiative.

To support the initiative, public relations agency Ketchum will lend its support.

This coincides with the results of a survey of 1,000 British couples, where 72% of participants said that a couple who proactively do housework shows love, especially for the younger generation, where more than 80% consider cleanliness to be fundamental to a healthy relationship of living together.

Martina Poulopati, Global Marketing and Communications Director at Essity, commented, “Our research highlighted the crucial role of cleanliness in relationships by mitigating conflicts arising from housework.”

“Cleaning Commitment reflects the spirit of Plenty through a creative and bold idea, reaffirming our commitment to strengthening lasting bonds over the inevitable clutter in our lives.”

Meanwhile, Andre Sallowicz, Creative Partner at AMV BBDO, added: “By reinterpreting cleaning as an essential act of love, we challenge traditional notions of romance and celebrate the everyday moments that strengthen relationships, as evidenced in wedding vows.”

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