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Production layout: how to optimize the space inside the factory

The revision of the existing layouts and the adoption of installation solutions specifically designed for your needs are the key to maintaining high efficiency and low production costs

A good factory layout contributes significantly to improving operational efficiency, ensuring optimal use of the spaces where products, people, and vehicles can move easily and safely.


When it is necessary to increase one’s production capacity or insert new devices or processes in the plants, a series of problems to face and solve often begins, all related to the space available for machines, people, and products.

The spaces as organized by the original layout often become saturated, making operations problematic. When this happens, however, before thinking about creating new environments, it is advisable to try to review and reorganize the spaces within the existing system.

The revision of the existing layouts and the adoption of installation solutions specifically designed for your needs are the key to maintaining high efficiency and low production costs.

The reorganization of the spaces and the arrangement of the new lines often involve a change of vision and modifications to the existing flows. On the habits of the operators, the analysis must be made taking into account all aspects, applying rationality and a new vision, not anchored to what has been done so far.

Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the processes to be carried out, resorting to detailed analyzes of flows and movements according to the characteristics of the process machines to be adopted.

In this phase, the first element to be evaluated is identifying the necessary characteristics of the process, analyzing the requirements without compromise, and imagining the sequences of favorable and unfavorable events that can occur in regular operation.

Only experimentation can accurately determine the overall efficiency of a production line. Then it is too late to react and modify and, therefore, no longer correctable.

Pulsar Engineering has developed a virtualization platform for production plants and makes it available to its customers. It is possible to simulate the behavior of machines and lines in operation, reproducing the actual events that can be generated and verifying how the system and automation react, measuring the resulting efficiency.

In addition, by including operators, vehicles, and their possible trajectories and transits in the simulation, it is possible to simulate the entire work environment and identify how to obtain the optimal configurations for maximum process efficiency while maintaining operator safety.

The PLS Dynamic platform, developed on Siemens Plant simulation, is an environment in which the logic modules of the units that make up the production lines have been created. The system automation logic has been integrated to the point that it is possible to get the virtual testing of the lines with the various products, both those available and future ones.

Pulsar Engineering can provide its customers with the analysis service of the plants, both the existing ones and those in the design phase, to support the engineering and overhaul of the production plants.


Independently of the available space, it must be considered that the area on the ground is limited. In addition to the production machines, people must circulate in the same environment, together with goods, hand or motorized trolleys, and remote-controlled vehicles.

Pulsar’s suggestion is always to consider, wherever possible, the utilization of vertical space through installations on multiple levels, with the use of mezzanines, or at least provide overhead conveyors.

Despite the complexity and the higher initial cost, the advantages are multiple. They range from the possibility of having more installations in the same area on the ground, occupying less floor space than conventional installations, and allowing more manageable and safer logistics of vehicles, tools, and people.

The result is undoubtedly greater efficiency of operations and more space available for future developments.

Convinced of these advantages, Pulsar Engineering has always offered its customers the possibility of arranging their lines using vertical spaces and favoring these solutions. It has developed and presented various systems for the elevation of products and transport. It also includes in its range of proposals the possibility of providing mezzanines with modular construction, certifiable.


Experience, knowledge of reliable solutions for various problems, and process competence are fundamental factors when designing new layouts and spaces within production sites.

For this reason, it is advisable to contact the support of genuinely competent partners for the purpose able to provide an experience and a global vision for the entire installation project.

Pulsar Engineering is making available to customers its expertise and experiences, which are not only aimed at the lines or machines of its supply but include in-depth knowledge of the operating machines to be installed and their needs of space for functionality and maintenance, as well as a unique competence in the management of converting processes.



In addition to service activities in support of its customers’ projects, Pulsar Engineering offers plant solutions with which to automate the production flow, allowing you to combine the effectiveness of the layouts with the efficiency of the production processes.

Pulsar Engineering designs solutions to solve bottlenecks and reduce waste of inefficiency, cutting the environmental impact of industrial production.

The company proposes automated solutions to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the plants.

The higher level of efficiency obtainable also thanks to the level of automation offered, allows you to increase the salable productivity of your lines and reduce operating costs per unit of product.

In addition, with the high quality and peculiar characteristics of the raw materials and the engineering solutions adopted, the wear of the materials is drastically reduced. In fact, the tabletop chains can be guaranteed against wear for at least five years, in some cases extendable to seven years.

Finally, Pulsar Engineering’s plant solutions, supported by the great experience and expertise in the tissue converting process, allow you to optimize the use of available space with a reduction in the space occupied on the ground.


The space optimization in the factory by creating an appropriate production layout can provide many advantages. It certainly offers better operational efficiency.

To obtain the best possible results, it is advisable to work with professionals or experts.

Experience, competence, and modern analysis systems are the factors that a partner like Pulsar Engineering makes available to its customers in tissue converting.

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