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RunEco Paper Machine Vacuum Blower Systems are compact and easy to install

By optimizing your papermaking process with the Runtech’s RunEco Vacuum System, you can save up to 30-70% in energy

With the increasing cost of energy, paper mills are demanding reduced operational costs to stay competitive. By optimizing your papermaking process with the RunEco Vacuum System, you can save up to 30-70% in energy as well as improve runnability and paper quality when compared to traditional vacuum systems.

Energy-efficient RunEco provides a reliable, completely water-free vacuum solution with significant heat recovery potential ideal for the paper industry applications. It consists of EP Turbo Blower, EcoDrop water separator and EcoFlow dewatering measurement system. EP Turbo Blowers are modern blowers with integrated high-speed motor controlled by a frequency converter: rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements. EcoFlow dewatering measurement system provides accurate real-time feedback about the dewatering performance along the paper machine which can be used to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections.

Depending on Tissue machine design and width the most efficient operation sometimes requires one and sometimes two turbo blowers. The specified air flow capacity is typically quite high consisting of overall safety margin, felt life and type margin and with liquid ring pumps e.g. pump wear and seal water temperature variation margins. In normal operating conditions the needed air flow capacity is ~40…50% lower than the specified capacity. Regardless of the situation, RunEco system with a fully speed-controlled turbo blower always provides high operating efficiency.

During normal operation one single-stage turbo blower typically provides sufficient capacity. However, a system with two turbo units allows even higher operational flexibility, controllability and energy efficiency.


Runtech Systems Turbo Blower #700 in a customer tissue mill.

RunEco Systems EP Turbo Blowers use less energy and use no water to contribute to lower CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint enhancing their environmentally friendly design and reputation. EP Turbo Blowers are always variable speed and capacity, which allows the vacuum system to be optimized quickly without bleed air and with minimal throttling and expansion losses.

Runtech Systems has a unique dewatering and vacuum system offering and expertise to help its customers get the most out of their equipment, improving their papermaking process. For more than 20 years Runtech has optimized dewatering and vacuum systems globally. Today more than 850 EP Turbo Blowers have been supplied to papermakers globally.

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