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Runtech is a fully integrated company that offers custom solutions to the tissue industry

Runtech is a fully integrated company that offers custom solutions to the tissue industry

Runtech Systems, an Ingersoll Rand brand, is a global provider of engineered systems tailored to the pulp and paper industries. The company works with customers to better understand and control their operational conditions to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Alongside with Nash, another Ingersoll Rand brand, Runtech is a fully integrated company that offers custom solutions to the industry worldwide.

In the lastest Talk Tissue, Brian Uzcategui chatted with Troy Miller, National Sales Manager Pulp and Paper North America at Nash-Runtech, who presented the company and its services.

Runtech’s patented solutions include energy efficient vacuum systems and heat recovery optimization, runnability optimization, dewatering, doctoring and cleanliness optimization as well as ropeless tail threading, including related services, spare parts and paper machine audits and consulting.

“We are a one-stop shop at this point,” he started. “Now we go into customers and understand what their pain points are. We can actually audit the machine not just from a vacuum perspective, but from a paper machine perspective. We not only use vacuum pumps and turbos to pull vacuum, but we have other solutions that allow us to measure the amount of water coming off the machine real time and then using things like doctors and save-alls to optimize the paper machine.”

According to Troy, they can measure and audit the machinery, even customer’s existent equipment, and come up with a short-term long-term solution. “We realize not everybody has the capital to put in brand new machines, then we build the short-term long-term plan form.”

Runtech’s corporate office is located in Davidson, North Carolina and the Nash organization is located in the Pittsburg area, in Bentleyville, and they have a web structure with a network of regional sales managers that covers all parts of the United States. The team collaborates on doing all to make sure they provide the best solution and timeliness of audits and response.

Troy has extensive experience in the pulp and paper segment and shared his views on the key changes he has seen in the industry. “It’s been an exciting career because of the ups and downs, ebbs and flows. We had a period of time where the pulp and paper market in general was just on a huge decline, not putting many machines and not dumping money into the existing ones. Now we are seeing a big uptick to that for a variety of reasons, but mainly in the packaging, linerboard, and tissue industry, and that’s been exciting to see.”

He also explained that one of the biggest changes he has been seeing nowadays is that people over 50 years old are starting to retire and younger people are starting to come into the industry. Companies are opening many more internships to welcome this new generation.

Runtech focuses on people by training them and building strong relationships. “What we are trying to do with our vertical fits well, because now we can provide expertise while most of our competitors is just a widget seller,” Troy mentioned. “We are more of a solution seller, and we can train those people on site.”

When discussing 2021, he mentioned that it was a positive year for the company and their perspectives for 2022 are also good. “The mills are starting to spend a lot more money into projects and we do have one project going into Canada, we are in the bid for a new tissue machine. So, I’m excited because even on the linerboard side is really ramping up as well.”

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