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Scott launches innovative paper kitchen towel, Calorie Absorber Pro

Kimberly-Clark and Muscle Mania promote healthier habits in the kitchen with the launch of this innovative product

Scott, known for its quality household products, has put an innovative twist on its kitchen napkin by transforming it into the “Calorie Absorber Pro” to change consumer perceptions. This new version is designed to be seen as an essential health supplement. With no preservatives or artificial flavors, the napkin can absorb up to 127 calories per sheet.

The premium scott towel, with Fiber-Tech technology, stands out for its thickness and meticulous design. Designed to efficiently absorb food grease, it ensures effective cleaning and controls calorie intake. Made with virgin fiber, it is ideal for maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen, in addition to cleaning oily surfaces.

In a strategic collaboration with Muscle Mania, Kimberly Clark, the parent company of the Scott brand, has launched a campaign to highlight the innovative features of “Calorie Absorber Pro” and demonstrate its usefulness in everyday life. This initiative includes authentic testimonials from individuals who have incorporated the product into their exercise routine, highlighting its ability to absorb unwanted calories from food and promote a healthy lifestyle.

This initiative marks a bold step towards change in the household products industry and highlights Scott and Kimberly Clark’s commitment to innovation and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. With the Calorie Absorber Pro, new possibilities are opening for the role of everyday products in people’s well-being.

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