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SERVIPAP presents the innovative “MarryShoe Roll”

This enhanced marrying roll can replace existing marrying rolls on lamination units to achieve a variety of benefits on the finished product.

The MarryShoe Roll is a singular marrying roll with a firm yet flexible elastic covering which allows to operate with lower contact pressure. It eliminates the re-embossing of the web’s inner face, thus leaving a smooth inner surface without any loss of bulk. This enhancement is very noticeable in both, bath tissue and kitchen towel products.

It is perfectly interchangeable with existing Marrying rolls on lamination units and its lightweight construction of 1300 lbs (600 kilograms) versus conventional marrying rolls weighting 2700 lbs (1300 kilograms) allows it to eliminate the need of a dedicated drive for this roll.

From laboratory tests and real production data collected from the installation of the MarryShoe Roll on existing converting lines, the company’s clients have achieved the following benefits:

  • Ply’s Inner Face Re-Embossing: ELIMINATED
  • Lamination Speed: INCREASED due to better bonding of the plies
  • Roll Bulk: INCREASED (average 3.1% to 3.8%)
  • Glue Usage: REDUCED (adhesive) or COMPLETELY removed by using water (on bath tissue).
  • Clients have achieved a better bonding on certain products by using water lamination.
  • Adjustments for Different Products: NO NEED (higher product output by reducing downtime). Cleaner system, little maintenance.


For more information, you may contact the company directly at SERVIPAP ( for a presentation of the potential benefits that the MarryShoe Roll can offer.

SERVIPAP 13720 Old Saint Augustine Road Jacksonville, FL 32258, USA 904.540.4335 Copyright permission for promotional purposes from BMT srl – Capannori, Lucca, Italy


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