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Servipap presents the simple to operate CORCLEAN machine

CORCLEAN removes the excess paper left on parent rolls once they are removed from the rewinding process while preserving the core

Servipap is pleased to promote the CORCLEAN machine which allows paper mills and independent converters to remove the excess paper leftover on the core of the parent rolls once the parent rolls are removed from the converting line.

The excess paper removed from the cores is wound into one or more coreless logs that are discharged in a compartment built under the winding/unwinding of the CORCLEAN machine.

The CORCLEAN machine prevents the use of cutting tools to remove the paper left on the core of the parent roll, thus preventing damages on the core for future reuse. In addition, by forming corelesss logs, users are able to compact the wastepaper in a better manner for re-pulping or to be baled and sold as wastepaper.

It is possible to utilize the CORCLEAN machine in more than one converting line.


For more information, you may contact SERVIPAP directly at ( for a presentation of the CORCLEAN Machine. Copyright permission for promotional purposes from CRC srl and BMT srl

SERVIPAP 13720 Old Saint Augustine Road Jacksonville, FL 32258, USA, Telf: 904.540.4335

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