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Sofidel boosts employment and investment with $185 million expansion in Ohio

The investment will create 100 new jobs and strengthen the local economy with a 500,000 square foot expansion

Sofidel, a leading manufacturer of toilet paper is expanding its presence in Circleville, Ohio, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. At the recent groundbreaking ceremony, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joined in to highlight the importance of this expansion to the community.

During the event, DeWine commented, “This company is growing and is truly a symbol of what is happening in Ohio today.” “It impacts the entire community, whether it’s restaurants or other businesses. Jobs beget more jobs and create more jobs.”

In 2016, Sofidel began construction on its first facility in Circleville, committing to employ 300 Ohioans. However, its recent announcement of expansion in Pickaway County suggests an increase in headcount, with the possibility of reaching close to 600 employees.

Sofidel’s presence in the United States since 2012, but it was in Ohio where the company found remarkable success. Since opening its facility in 2018, production has seen significant growth, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when demand for toilet paper products increased significantly.

In the face of growing interest, Sofidel has announced an additional $185 million investment in Ohio, aimed at expanding its Circleville facility by 500,000 square feet, resulting in the creation of 100 new jobs.

Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of Sofidel, who was present at the inauguration ceremony, stated “The first time I was in this area was 10 years ago.” “I am amazed at the infrastructure improvements and new housing and businesses that have moved here in this area.”

Local leaders, including Kenny McDonald, president and CEO of Columbus Partnership, praised the positive effect Sofidel has had on the local economy, pointing to the proliferation of new businesses as a direct result of its presence.

The company has chosen the 280-acre site in Circleville for its accessibility to water resources and utilities, as well as the availability of a skilled workforce.

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