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Sofidel wins the top rating from Carbon Disclosure Project

The company acknowledged as a global leader for the engagement of its suppliers in fighting climate change

Sofidel, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, has been granted global leader status (A rating) for its work in involving suppliers in the fight against climate change, earning a top place on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s 2020 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is the result of CDP’s “Transparency to Transformation: A Chain Reaction” report, which analyzed more than 8,000 companies on the basis of their answers to questions on governance, targets, scope 3 emissions, and value chain engagement.

As regards its suppliers’ involvement, Sofidel was recognized among the top 7% of organizations that answered to CDP questionnaire and takes its place among the 396 companies awarded with the highest rating (A) on the 2020 Leaderboard.

Therefore, the Group attained a significantly higher score than the European and global averages (B and C ratings respectively). The average rating achieved by paper products and packaging companies was B.

The supplier engagement is crucial to pursuing a low carbon economy. Supply chain emissions are on average 11.4 times higher than operational emissions and more than double previous estimates, due to improved emissions accounting by suppliers.

A cascade of supply chain action is the key to building a resilient, thriving economy. At present, only 37% of suppliers are engaging their own suppliers to reduce emissions.

“We are aware that engagement of our suppliers is fundamental to reduce environmental risks and be more resilient for the challenges of tomorrow. We are very proud of this achievement. The A rating on the CDP’s Supplier Engagement Leaderboard confirms our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and seeking more sustainable development in order to achieve long-awaited transformational change”, said Riccardo Balducci, Energy & Environment Director Sofidel.

“Companies’ emissions don’t end at the factory door. In fact, CDP data shows a company’s supply chain emissions are over 11.4 times greater than its direct emissions on average. Meaningful corporate climate action means engaging with suppliers to reduce emissions across the value chain. Despite the challenges from COVID-19, in 2020 nearly 400 companies achieved a place on CDP’s Supplier Engagement Leaderboard. Congratulations to these companies – as a Supplier Engagement Leaders, they are driving the transition towards the net-zero sustainable economy” stated Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Value Chains, CDP.

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. The world’s economy looks to CDP as the gold standard of environmental reporting with the richest and most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city action.

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