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Soft N Dry Diapers targets eco-conscious consumers in Brazil with market launch

Company offered sustainable baby diaper solutions with focus on affordability and performance

Soft N Dry Diapers Corp. and its subsidiary Soft N Dry de México announced the launch of sales and marketing operations in Brazil. Brazil is both Latin America’s largest economy and a leading market for sustainable consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Soft N Dry offers three key elements to its Brazilian strategy:

  • Proprietary white-label baby diaper products for business-to-business (B2B) clients;
  • A B2B partner portal to streamline onboarding of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for Soft N Dry products;
  • A new “Last Mile” retail network to distribute sustainable disposable baby diapers to cost-conscious and environmentally conscious consumers.

“Our expansion into Brazil, in collaboration with our Mexican OEM partners, targets a growing market where nearly half of consumers identify as sustainable shoppers”, said Matthew Keddy, CEO of Soft N Dry. “Consumers in Latin America seek high-performance products with a strong sustainability profile, ideally priced at or below their current budgets. We believe today marks a significant shift from the past perception of eco-friendly products being more expensive. We aim to deliver our innovative products to both diaper manufacturers and Last Mile retailers in Brazil”.

According to global data and analytics firm Kantar Group:

  • Half of Latin Americans actively seek companies that reduce environmental impact and promote diversity;
  • 70% are concerned about the cost of eco-friendly products;
  • 91% of Latin Americans believe climate change affects their daily lives, according to the European Investment Bank (EIB).

“Our ecoFlex Core technology for OEM diaper manufacturers and white-label diapers for retailers allows us to deliver a unified message to consumers in Brazil, Mexico, and all of Latin America”, said Ricardo Santana, president of Soft N Dry de México. “Our Tree Free baby diapers are both softer and drier, and do not contribute to deforestation. Soft N Dry de México, located in Latin America, is home to over 25% of the world’s arable land and freshwater resources. We are pleased to introduce our Tree Free baby diapers in Brazil – diapers that outperform traditional options in all metrics and at a lower cost for sustainability-minded consumers”.

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