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South Nation Conservation focuses on forest management

As part their efforts in sustainably managing forests in eastern Ontario, SNC will be hosting an online meeting later this month for interested logging contractors.

South Nation Conservation will be hosting an online meeting later this month for interested logging contractors.

It’s part of SNC’s efforts in sustainably managing forests in eastern Ontario, announcing hardwood and softwood tender opportunities.

“Sustainability managing a forest is critical to its health and productivity, and to the needs of the local economy and its industries,” said SNC property lead Pat Piitz in a news release. “In an overgrown forest, trees are all competing for the same resources, and ultimately they can’t grow to be strong and healthy if they don’t have room to breathe.”

Piitz explained SNC works with local contractors to sustainably harvest certain trees to help manage forest health and growth, the wood in turn used for local products. Part of forest sustainable management involves removing less desirable trees from the landscape to be used for heating, construction, pulp and paper, or veneer.

“SNC offers part of this work to local forestry professionals to help contribute to the local economy,” Piitz said.

Piitz said forests are important natural resources that are vital to local communities and the environment, having social, economic and cultural benefits.

SNC with its community partnerships manages over 20,000 acres of community forest in eastern Ontario, for conservation and recreation, and it receives donations of land each year to protect natural legacies.

Current tender opportunities for both softwood and hardwood sales are now posted at the SNC website, with more to be added in the new year. The online meeting is Oct. 22 at 10 a.m., and those interested in participating can contact info@nation.on.ca or call 1-877-984-2948.

SNC also works with local residents to help manage private woodlots through its advisory service, the bilingual, free service available throughout SDG and Prescott-Russell.

“Forest conservation in eastern Ontario is a priority for us,” Piitz said. “We’re committed to working with our community and municipal partners to protect and restore local forest cover.”

The woodlot advisory service has the SNC visiting forests under private ownership to offer management advice. Residents may also receive a $500 grant to help offset the cost of creating a forest management plan for tax incentives.

In August, SNC announced its goal of planting 200,000 trees in the spring, and that already over 140,000 were reserved. The final number could break a record; the previous high is 190,000 trees planted, in 1993.

SNC has jurisdiction over a nearly 4,500-square-kilometre watershed, and municipal and community partnerships since 1990 have resulted in nearly 3.5 million trees being planted.

The conservation authority has an online silent auction, “Art for Trees,” this month – silent bidding began Thursday – raising money for local tree planting, with environmentally-themed artwork having been donated by local artists. All artwork shares a common theme – the environment – and professional appraisals have also been provided by Cailuan Gallery of Cornwall.

SNC early this week said that 30 items have been donated for the event, considered vital to this year’s planting effort, as the pandemic forced the cancellation of other fundraising events, including the annual Friends of SNC Golf Tournament.

Private artwork viewings may be scheduled at SNC’s office in Finch, by appointment only.

The silent bidding period is open until Oct. 29, at 32auctions.com/artfortrees.

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