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Suzano will invest BRL 18.5 billion in its operations during 2023

The amount is 15% higher than the total invested during 2022. Most of the contribution will be directed to the Cerrado Project, with R$ 8.9 billion

In a statement released to the market, Suzano announced that it intends to invest BRL 18.5 billion during 2023, 15% above the amount invested in 2022. According to the company, most of the contribution will be directed to the Cerrado Project, due to the greater volume of resources for the continuity of its development – it will be R$ 8.9 billion, 22% more than this year, considering industrial, forestry, infrastructure and logistics investments.

Of the remaining amount, R$ 6.4 billion will be allocated to maintenance, an increase of 16.36% compared to 2022, while R$ 800 million will be allocated to expansion, modernization, port terminals and others, an increase of 14.28%. On the other hand, investment in land and forests will be R$ 2.4 billion, decreasing 7.69%.

In addition to the new factory project, the increase in invested amounts follows high inflation, as well as the greater intensity of projects and services started in previous years, which aim at greater competitiveness.

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