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The Navigator Company raises tissue prices to offset input costs

Energy, logistics and commodities register unexpected and continued price rises

Portuguese pulp and paper producer The Navigator Company announced on Tuesday that it will apply an energy, logistics and commodity surcharge to the prices of its tissue paper – toilet paper, napkins, kitchen rolls, hand towels, etc. –, increasing them by 15% to cope with the unexpected and continued increase in its main cost factors.

Navigator, which sells more than 80% of its products to 130 countries on five continents and the rest to domestic clients, said in a statement the “global change in the economy” was affecting the overall industry.

The application of this surcharge will be effective from the next January 15th. Its continuity and amount will be reviewed monthly based on changing market conditions.

“The global change in the economy we are experiencing, with dramatic impacts, affects the industry in a generalized way through the unsustainable and continuous increase of its main cost factors, namely electricity, natural gas, cellulose, chemicals, packaging materials, pallets. wood and logistics,” said the company in a statement.

Navigator believes that this exceptional measure is imperative to guarantee the long-term sustainability not only of its business model but also of the global supply chain, with its customers and suppliers.

The company will continue to develop the business in partnership with its clients, reinforcing its value proposition, namely the high quality of its products, its service and its innovations.

The Navigator Company
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