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The Perini 456AX embosser helps tissue manufacturers gain operational and competitive advantages

Korber’s Perini 456AX allows operators to implement product changeovers strictly from the HMI panel, without the need for roll disassembly

For some tissue converters, running multiple embossed products on production lines at speeds of up to 600 m/min is a daily task. It can also be highly inefficient as roll changeovers for various configurations of kitchen towels, AFH products, and toilet rolls are time and labor intensive. Embossing roll disassembly puts operators at risk of injury and also introduces the possibility of product inconsistencies and defects.

These impediments put tissue converters of all sizes at an operational and competitive disadvantage. An embossing solution that addresses these issues and is also an affordable capital investment is imperative, and many are finding it in the Perini 456AX embosser.

Safe and reliable, the Perini 456AX allows operators to implement product changeovers strictly from the HMI panel, without the need for roll disassembly. The compact layout houses 5 steel rolls that remain installed in two stations — three on top, and two on the bottom. Rolls for the upper station are permanently warehoused in and moved via vertical slide. The two rolls installed in the lower station are designated for DESL products and random products. Operators use HMI panels to configure and run specified embossing requirements.

The flexibility and ease of use of the Perini 456AX gives tissue converters exactly what they need to achieve peak performance:

  • Production versatility

The Perini 456AX provides exceptional flexibility in managing kitchen towels, AFH products, and toilet rolls production. A wide range of embossed, DESL, Deco, and DERL products are readily available. Further, the interchangeability of steel and rubber rolls between the Perini 456AX and existing embossing equipment means seamless management of multiple projects for kitchen towels, AFH products, and toilet rolls.

  • Simplified maintenance

With non-removable rolls, sealed bearings, and actuators without hydraulic systems, the Perini 456AX streamlines maintenance needs. Also, improved steel and pressure roll cleaning frees up technicians to focus on tasks slated for other machines, improving time efficiencies and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

  • Enhanced safety

The 456AX is self-contained and operators manage all activity from an HMI panel. The advanced automation eliminates the need for manual roll changeouts or operation of heavy equipment on the shop floor to move rolls into place. Operators are completely kept out of harm’s way.

  • High quality finished products

The Perini 456AX eliminates potential inconsistencies and defects in end-use tissue products. The EURELO roll deflection reduction system, installed on rubber and pressure rolls, ensures uniform NIP in any working condition. Optional add-ons including high precision for DESL products, the Körber Warm-up Contactless embossing system for unprecedented embossing volume, and Aquabond water lamination further enhance product characteristics, production standards, sustainability initiatives, and quality outcomes.

The Perini 456AX embosser exemplifies how Körber helps tissue converters of all sizes maximize capabilities through automation and innovation. To learn more about the Perini 456AX, reach out to Körber’s experts today.

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